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Professor Sir Muir Gray will lead 3V colleagues in providing updates, acting as a catalyst to transform information on value-based healthcare into useful and usable knowledge. These updates will include essential papers for keeping abreast of and understanding value in health and healthcare.

3V regularly scans at least 30 prominent journals on medicine, healthcare and value. From these we select one seminal paper each week to draw out the important points for a paper and podcast on value.

1705, 2019

Paper of the Week 17th May 2019:Measuring What Matters in Diabetes

Full reference: MA. Published online April 15, 2019. doi:10.1001/jama.2019.4310 This weeks blog is brought to you by: Professor Sir Muir Gray, Founding Director Authors conclusion “The rationale for using HbA1c level as a surrogate for diabetes outcomes is [...]

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