The Oxford Centre for Triple Value Healthcare (3V) is a small, mission-driven social enterprise increasing Triple Value in healthcare to improve healthcare for populations, and building capability in healthcare organisations.

The organisation evolved from Better Value Healthcare, the company founded by Professor Sir Muir Gray.

Our Mission

Through the dissemination of knowledge, learning and skills development programmes and deploying solutions, we support health systems to improve Triple Value (population, technical and personal), thereby supporting them measurably to improve outcomes and make better use of resources.


  1. We will never compromise in our endeavours to achieve the best possible Triple Value, and will use the best evidence available
  2. We will engage patients, service users and carers in our work, and aim to build capability in our clients to create sustainable, resilient healthcare systems
  3. We will work with, recognise and employ people based on their skills and not on their gender, religion, ethnicity, orientation or any other factor. We welcome diversity in our staff, associates and clients because diversity makes us a better organisation
  4. We encourage open and constructive feedback from each other, and from our clients. Our intention is for 3V, and each of us, continually to improve
  5. We will share any surplus among staff, R&D and supporting good causes, for instance, helping organisations in countries with developing economies to achieve Triple Value in healthcare

Within 3V’s portfolio

3V’s portfolio also includes the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP), which delivers training to help people make sense of evidence published in the scientific literature.